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Templates and Forms

Templates and Forms

59 pages (2010) and 63 pages (2010) / Training on Word Templates and Forms: the "template" files that manage Word (normal.dotm, building blocks, .thmx ...), forms, macros, protection ...

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CHF 59.00

Main topics covered in the documentation

The types of templates
The Normal.dotm template (managing and customizing)
The NormalEmail.dotm template
The other Word global templates
Customizing items from the Building Blocks.dotx file
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Forms : the Fillin message boxes, the [clic here] field codes, the content controls, the legacy form controls, the Active X form controls
Introduction to macro-instructions : create, modify ... security. Creating a custom button to run a macro
Protection : protection to access the file, internal protection
Special functions : convert to PDF or XPS format