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Standard Tables (can be printed on one page)

Standard Tables (can be printed on one page)

166 pages (2010) et 176 pages (2013) / Training on Excel Basics (tables and introduction to charts and filtering) : data, format, standard calculations and functions, page setup and print for large tables, charts (simple), filter (simple) ...

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CHF 166.00

Main topics covered in the documentation

Description of the 2007/2010/2013 environment
Basic commands linked to navigating, selecting, typing ...
Structure of the table (row or column width/height - delete - insert)
Formats (simple)
Cut-copy-paste : Excel specific implications
Formulas and easy functions
Page setup and print options
Managing files
Raccourcis clavier
Grands tableaux : mise en page - impression
Deeper into formats : number - conditional - table ...
Navigate - arrange - compare
Charts (simple)
Sort and filter (simple)
Protection (simple)