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Your terms and conditions of use

Files that you buy from this website can be freely printed with no restriction in terms of quantity and time but only for the company internal use. The files can be installed on a shared network drive or the company's Intranet.


Buying does not allow to distribute - even free - or sell to third parties. Only internal use is permitted.


Using touchup tools to modify the text is not possible because editing is password protected. This simply to prevent easy access to the source text by re-converting to Word. But if you absolutely need to insert the company's logo on the coverpage, no problem : contact me.


Modifiying the source .docx files is permitted. You may reorganize the chapters order, add or remove contents, insert screen captures specific to your company's environment. Nevertheless as for PDF files, such changes must not lead to removing the name of the company and the author or significantly alter the source text.