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MS Office Documentation

Welcome on the e-business site of Office-Doc.

Office-Doc is Jaël De Nardo's main website. She works as an Office trainer and has done so for more than 20 years (in Switzerland). On her main site, you can get more familiar with her training concepts and consult documentation in the form of PDF files that you can read free online (no printing).


On this commercial site you can buy the documentation files :

Windows Seven and Windows 8.1 in French only
Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook - version 2010 or 2013 (in a few weeks)
Acrobat 11

Possible format : PDF file or Word (.docx) source file.



PDF file or .DOCX source file ?

  • PDF file : it can be printed with no restriction but not modified as editing is password protected. Why ? Simply to prevent access to the source text by opening and converting the file into Word. But if you absolutely need the company's logo on the cover page, no problem : contact me (contact form on my main site home page).

  • .DOCX file : you can insert your company/school logo, screen captures specific to your environment ... You may restructure the chapters to match the contents of your courses or workshops.


  • Compulsory: the author copyright must appear somewhere in the file.
  • Restriction : no resale to third-parties.
  • You will be prompted to validate the sales conditions when buying.


  • Check your currency (at left below the cart area).
  • Select your category, your product and click to VIEW its content.
  • Select the corresponding variation : PDF file or Word source doc, language, 2010 or 2013 version etc ... The price will be automatically displayed.


  • "mixte" = explanations in French - commands and screen captures in English.
  • The Word source .DOCX file is 4x the PDF price
  • Unless the file has less than 50 pages, every file is prepared for a recto-verso paper printout (whether PDF or .DOCX)
  • You wish a pack : for instance all Word or Excel or even all Office with or without Outlook ? Impossible to load such zipped files because they are too heavy. Contact me (contact option on the homepage) and we'll find an arrangement.
  • You wish a doc with specific chapters only
    same : contact me