Basic training
"Discovery" courses

These modules are intended for users with no or little Office knowledge and skills.
They last either half a day or one full day and will help you to get the basic skills required for standard needs.
Discovery modules are for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

Little or no skill with computers ? Start with a WINDOWS training (one or two half-days).


Additional training
Practical courses or "workshops"



Excel : Refresh
For regular users but having never attend any training. They do not need a course on the basics, but would appreciate an "update" of their skills. The trainer will review functions that are often unknown or misused, will remind everyone about handy keyboard shortcuts and so on.

Excel : Formulas and Introduction to functions
Do you master calculating a percentage, adding dollars to a reference ((B3*$B$4), can you go a bit further than a simple SUM ?

Excel : Templates and forms
Using form fields - with or without a link - to create an expense note, a course evaluation ...

Excel : Data
(2 workshops or 1 day)
Organizing your records to make sure you have a "real" list that Excel can use. Sort, filter, subtotals, pivots tables ...

Word : Long Documents
Styles, outline, numbering titles, table of contents

Acrobat : Convert, Protect and TouchUp (2 workshops or 1 day)
Everyone knows the PDF format. But are you able to convert an Office file correctly ? There is so much more than the usual FILE - PRINT - ADOBE PDF !

Acrobat : Forms(2 workshops or 1 day)
The great thing these days ! A PDF form can be published on a web site, once filled it can be automatically returned to the sender.
You master the process from A to Z ...

Sample of an EXCEL workshop (xlsm)

Training Catalog 2016 - listing all workshops (with objectives, pre-requisite, content)

Language and documentation


Specific training
On site coaching

The trainer sits next to the user and helps to solve a problem. Or the trainer helps to initiate a project and at the same time trains the user on the corresponding functionalities. Efficiency is guaranted ...
The user own files are the basic material for the training which is highly profitable for the company.

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