Translation (for instance English to French)
Online Translator - WORLDLINGO
Online Translator - REVERSO
Business, computer, internet vocabulary

Currency convert
FXConverter - 164 currencies can be converted

Handy tools (programs)
The world-known WINZIP program - To zip/unzip files
WinRar - An alternative to Winzip : free - no time limit
To crack a PDF file – caution, the free trial version only removes it for half of the file ...
To crack a .doc, .xls, .arj and .zip file ...- caution, the free trial version only deals with passwords up to 5 characters and is not Vista compatible.

Antivirus Avast - An alternative to Norton.

Computer miscellaneous
What is an "Easter egg" ?

Local : computer world in Geneva
All the companies linked to computing in Geneva

Download the new Office release - Free
Office 2010 - Beta

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