Office 2013

The main new features (in brief)


  • A visual and intuitive interface
    The new Ribbon replaces the old Menu Bar
    The commands on its tabs are grouped by theme
    Additional tabs are automatically displayed when you click a special item such as a picture, a table, a chart ...
    Everyday commands (or your favorites ones) can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar

  • The new .docx - .xlsx - .pptx file format
    Caution : this added x is not just a extra letter to diffentiate the new 2007-2010-2013 versions. The file structure is brand new, using the XML language. This enables online publishing and editing through the Office 365 Web Apps (a Web App is a sort of online "mini" Word, Excel ... - in the Cloud)

  • Security of the Office files
    Integrating code (macros) : you MUST select a .docm - .xlsm ... format. This forces to be fully transparent ...
    Protected View : the source of the file is analyzed. In case of doubt (Internet, attachment opened from within a message) ... and all editing functions are turned off
    It is possible to retrieve the temporary files created by the automatic save function (they are named "versions")
    It is possible to retrieve unsaved files (only during 4 days)


  • Applicable to all Office programs
    A better integration in the Cloud (Office 365 and the Web App) - OneDrive
    More choices for getting starting (lots of great new pre-set templates)
    A controversial new feature : pure interface, light colors, too "flat" for lots of people ...
    Practically no more picture in the local library : everything is now online
    Templates : new access and management

  • Word
    A new DESIGN tab to select the theme, select a preset styles arrangement ...
    Long documents : expand-collapse levels without using the outline mode
    A few new commands for tables, pictures, TRACK CHANGES mode ...
    A PDF document can be opened directly from Word (automatic conversion et the result is ... excellent)

  • Excel
    Flashfill (show Excel what you want and it does it ! ) - Great ...
    New Analysis tag when you select a range of cells. You can quickly apply a conditional format, create a table, add totals ...
    Chart commands have been completely restructured
    Working with lists: add a segment to a list, a timeline view to a pivot table ...
    Only for Office Pro : powerful add-ins to manage extra-large data, link data to maps ...
    Some new specific functions

  • PowerPoint
    One or two new commands to lots of functionalities
    A nicely enhanced Presenter View
    Online sharing : simple and efficient

  • Outlook
    Fully "re-looked" in the 2010 release so very few new features
    Some new interesting commands : today's weather in the Calendar, better access to message previewing, inline replies, adding your private Hotmail account to your Outlook tree etc ...
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