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I need to hide a number value. I cannot delete it as it is used as a precedent for formulas. How to proceed ?

Usually users "cheat" : they apply a white font color to the cell ! This is what could be done in the example below (250 and 350 should be made invisible) :

sample showing two cells whose content needs to be hidden (not simply removed)

Note : another idea could be to hide column C and D but according to the content of the sheet, this is not always possible.

But if the cell content is a number with a negative format (in red for instance), it will be useless to apply a white font color.
It is the case with the following double-entry table that calculates variations for a loan.
The content of the "corner cell" (A6) cannot be deleted but true to say it is not very esthetical and its purpose not evident :

double-entre table with corner cell showing negative value

The solution : a custom format ;;;

A format includes up to 4 possible formats, one for each type of content.
Syntax = positive value; negative value; 0 value;text.
Consequently the ;;; format corresponds to nothing;nothing;nothing;nothing.

Result :

same double-entry table with content of corner cell hidden

Select the required cell
HOME Tab - NUMBER Group - Dialog Box Launcher - NUMBER Tab - CUSTOM Category

Type ;;; and validate

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