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Convert 8:12 into 8.2 or 5.95 into 5:57 ?

Excel table showing the formula to convert from time format to decimal format

Explanation : extract the hour and multiply it with 60 - add the minutes - divide the whole result by 60

Excel table showing the formula to convert from decimal format to time format

Use ? Here below an example :

Excel weekly time sheet

In the above time sheet, the employee types when he/she comes in, leaves ... so that his daily number of hours is automatically calculated.
The weekly number of hours is 41 - 8:12 by day. The employe wants to know when he is below or above the required time.
In time format, it is easy to display a positive difference but impossible to display a negative one.
The J column displays the day total (standard sum)
The K column shows the difference in time format but always positive. To distinguish positive numbers from negative numbers, we have applied a conditional format.
The L column shows the difference also but this time as a positive or negative value (through converting from time format to decimal format)

If you wish to download the source Excel file, no problem : time-sheet-convert-time-decimal-format.xls

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