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WORD 2010-2007 : TABLES

How to fix the height of a given row inside a table ?

Why ?
So that typing text will not modify the height of the table itself.

When ?
When it is important that the table total heighT never changes.
Usual case : a form that should be printed on one page only

Here below a form (Curriculum vitae for teachers - University of Montreal)

Image montrant un formulaire au bas duquel une cellule du tableau ne pourrait augmenter sans générer une 2ème page

It is important that the width of the cell "Remarques autres" (in blue in the above screen capture) remains the same whatever will be typed ... or the form will be printed over 2 pages !


Select the row

2010-2007 : LAYOUT Tab - TABLE Group - PROPERTIES Button - ROW Tab

dialog box to fix the row height at 1.54 EXACTLY

Exactly instead of At least

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