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CTRL + MAJ + SPACE To insert a non-breaking space
CTRL + MAJ + HYPHEN To insert a non-breaking hyphen
CTRL + A To select the whole document
ALT + selection To select in column
CTRL + ENTER To insert a forced page break
MAJ + ENTER To insert a line break
CTRL + SPACE To clear the selected characters of any formatting
CTRL + Q To clear the selected paragraphs of any formatting
CTRL + MAJ + N To go back to NORMAL style if Word has automatically applied a style and CTRL + Q has no effect
ALT + MAJ + D To insert the date as a field (a code)
MAJ + F3 To change the letter case : small caps, all caps, 1st letter of each word in capital letters
ALT + click in the ruler To place or move a tab, an indent not every 0.25cm but every mm
F4 To repeat the last command
ALT + F9
To view the document field codes
To update a given field code
F2 To rename a document in FILE - OPEN or FILE SAVE AS

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