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WORD 2010-2007
Displayed several times before a Print Preview

You insert a FILLIN field code in the template footer (it prompts to insert the department specific fax number).
Aim : avoid creating a template for each department ...

Footer with the fillin field and its corresponding message box


An AUTONEW macro in the template that runs the following commands :

  1. Go to document footer
  2. Insert the FILLIN field code - with the default text
  3. Validate the box
  4. MAJ + HOME to select the field code
  5. CTRL + SHIFT + F9 to freeze the field code or CTRL + F11 (the code remains but can no longer be updated)
  6. Close footer
  7. CTRL + HOME

Consequently the user fills in the fax number while running the macro.
At the end there is no more field code ... and therefore no more double display ...

If the user leaves the message box empty there will be an empty line. But great as a footer must always END at the same height (and not START).

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