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Border for a paragraph or a text ? Which selection ?

screen capture to show the selection and how it affects the border

It all depends on your selection : if you include the paragraph mark, it will be a paragraph border and if you omit it, it will be a text border.

How to make the border more narrow ? Can I simply drag the border line ?

No, try and you will see that if the border can be dragged you can do so for only 31 pixels max ! The border follows the paragraph indents. Simply drag the left/right paragraph indents.

screen capture showing the ruler with the paragraph indents

Why then drag the border line ?

To work on the distance between the text and the border line

screen capture showing a paragraph with a large distance between the text and the border

2010-2007 : HOME Tab - PARAGRAPH Group - Drop-down list of the borders button - Last option : BORDERS AND SHADING - OPTIONS Button

Stuck in the document last paragraph - with a border ?

Press the ENTER key once more to create a new paragraph and apply the following "magical" key combination CTRL + Q
(it cleans the para of all formatting attributes including the border)

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