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Select the text you wish to set as an autotext entry
INSERT Tab - TEXT Group - QUICKPART Button - At the bottom of the Gallery :

The option SAVE THE SELECTION ... in the QuickParts drop-down list

Follow to get the drop-down menu : SAVE SELECTION TO AUTOTEXT GALLERY.

Dialog box to set the entry properties (name, category ...)

The above dialog box is dedicated to creating custom building blocks such as a page cover, footer, table. An autotext entry is a block. The only difference is there is a gallery dedicated to autotext entries and that Normal.dotm remains the default destination template file.

Name Accept the default proposition or replace it with the abbreviation of your choice. As soon as you type the first letters of the abbreviation, pressing the F3 key will automatically complete the memorized content.

Gallery You can choose which gallery should display your custom item but usually it is preferrable not to change because the suggested gallery corresponds to the nature of the created item.
Category The blocks belong to several predefined categories. For custom blocks, the default suggestion will remain general but you may create your own categories, such as one dedicated to all your autotext entries.

Description If you wish you can type a description about the block content.
Save in Unlike standard blocks, Normal.dotm is the default destination template file for autotext entries. Caution if you have many heavy entries or Normal.dotm could well become "over weighed"
Options Make your choice : inserting in a paragraph, in the page ....

How to retrieve the autotext entry later on :

QuickParts gallery showing custom autotext entries

The word AUTOTEXT has completed disappeared from this version.
Consequently an autotext entry is saved just as a standard block
Up to you to create a custom gallery calles AUTOTEXT if you wish to separate them for the other blocks
The default destination template file is BUILDING BLOCKS.DOTX but NORMAL.DOTM is an alternative possibility

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