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The company's theme is available in PowerPoint but not in Word or Excel

How the company's theme is created

The user in charge will have gone through the following steps :

From your side

You do not have to worry about the files behind a theme as they are incorporated into your presentation each time you use the template to create a new presentation. The files are there but they are invisible to you. But true, the theme will not be available in Word or Excel, simply because the source files have not been saved onto your own hard disk.

Is it possible to retrieve the source files so that the theme is made available for all Office programs ?

Yes - Here below what to do - It works a little bit like a matriochka (russian doll).

PowerPoint file with a custom theme (sent by email, based on a specific template, moved from another workstation ...)

The theme is incorporated in the file (although it is invisble).
It is not available for other presentations
It is not available in Word or Excel

You "take ou" the theme file (.thmx extension) to make it available in all Office How : at the bottom of the theme gallery, option Save current theme. Folder always on the C drive.

The theme is available in all Office : PowerPoint presentations, Word or Excel files. It includes the Colors Scheme and the Fonts Scheme but those are not available for any modification and will not be part of the Colors/Fonts drop-down list. But most of the time, you don't care about it and you can stop here ... .Next step for the super-users ...
You want to get hold of the Colors/Font Schemes files (.xml files) How : at the bottom of the list, option New Theme Colors/Fonts and save the Scheme. The dialog box will not display the path nor the extension but the files are saved in one of the subfolders of the themes folder.

The schemes can be edited and modified : right click on the required scheme in the list and click on the EDIT option (only the custom schemes can be edited or deleted). Tthe .thmx and the .xlm files are not "separate". Changing the Colors or Fonts Scheme implies changing the theme itself.

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