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Assigning a different language to the whole presentation (or a part of it)

Contrary to Word, PowerPoint does not detect the language automatically when you type.
It is not possible to select several slides and globally assign another language. You can do so for ONE slide by using the Ctrl + A key combination to select all objects.
You can assign another language to a presentation if you select all the text with a CTRL + A from the OUTLINE view (Normal View).

Click on the LANGUAGE button and set the required language
You may also click on the language information on the status bar (simple click)

list of all available languages

Do not check spelling Current selection only
Default As a message will warn you, the new language will be applied to the current presentation and to any NEW one. Consequently you change PowerPoint language (not for Office and also not just for the current presentation).

If the language does not show the ABC icon, it means that the language has not been activated. To make it available :

2010 : From any Office program : FILE - OPTIONS - LANGUAGE - First section in the dialog box - Set the required languages
2007 : Start Button - Programs - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Office Tools - Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings.

But caution, if this is possible on a stand-alone computer (Office is fully installed), it is not always possible over a network, as all language files are not installed on every workstation. In this latter case, contact your IT dpt.

Working a presentation that has been created in another language

What we have explained implies that creating a set of templates for an English user, while your own PowerPoint is in French, will make the job a bit complicated ...

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